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Articles: Consciousness Awareness
The latest NEWSWEEK poll shows that 91 percent of American adults surveyed believe in God—and nearly half reject the theory of evolution. By Jacquelyn Martin

If you're a true seeker - you gotta read this book

An Analysis of Rap Music as the Voice of Today’s Black Youth. For the Negro, expression through the use of voice and instruments or both has provided him with the means to release joy, pain, hurt and agony, while at the same time becoming a powerful medium which is heard by both those who can identify with it and those who aren’t willing to, but are quick to judge and condemn it.

Compassion is seeing someone's need and reaching out to it with kindness.

Polls back it up: Culture turning from God

I'd like to discuss some heavy ideas for a little while. It will smack as pessimism to some or even nihilistic but I hope to show that it may have a good ending. So I hope only to discuss this as long as it takes before there is diminishing returns on our investment. I'll describe the main thrust now but I would like for participants to engage the ideas just a little more deeply then your first impulsive reactions. I am providing some references below that do much more justice then I could. So, please don't feel obliged to reply right away. Please read these references. So, with some trepidation of your reaction I will begin.

Egypt Cards: A Card Deck That Uses Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs In Today's World

The Forgetting Pill Erases Painful Memories Forever By Jonah Lehrer Wired February 17, 2012

By J. Bailey Molineux

Native American shamans consumed psychedelic plants such as peyote, "magic" mushrooms, or ayahuasca in order to communicate with God or the spirit realm.

Lucid Dreaming FAQ

Fairfield Mirror 10/20/05 Through a state of dreaming that combines Western science and Tibetan Buddhist study, students might be able to improve sleep quality, overcome fears and explore reality.

More Americans say they have no religion

By David Luke - MAPS.

People are too willing to accept ideas that make them feel secure, even when there's no evidence for them. New Age beliefs and alternative medicine may be comforting but they can be dangerous if they convince people that crystals or psychic powers can cure diseases.

How Psychedelic Drugs Can Help Patients Face Death

The movie Religulous

Searching for God in the Brain Researchers are unearthing the roots of religious feeling in the neural commotion that accompanies the spiritual epiphanies of nuns, Buddhists and other people of faith

Thre Flame Of Consciousness. ...understanding the Four-Body System.

The Third Jesus A Selection From Deepak Chopra's Latest Book.

One of the deeper, underlying archetypal patterns which is being constellated in the human psyche that is playing itself out collectively on the world stage is the archetype of the “wounded healer.”

In my last article, The Wounded Healer (here), I contemplated how the wounded healer is one of the major underlying, archetypal processes giving shape to and in-forming events in our world today, both individually and collectively.

Theory Of Reincarnation By William Butler Yeats

Dana (real person, fictional name) is a lady who is totally dedicated to her spiritual work. She knows all about Indian spirit guides, angels, crystals and is a Reiki Master – amongst other things. She takes every opportunity to help anyone – a kind, lively and passionate woman.


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