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Articles: Science
We are approaching a global rapture of unimaginable proportions, a translation into a higher dimension and a realization of a completely new paradigm.

6 in 10 Americans believe in the devil and hell, 7 in 10 believe in angels, heaven and the existence of miracles and life after death, while 92% believe in a personal God. The article explores the possibility that this belief structure may be ingrained into our genetic makeup. 'When a trait is universal, evolutionary biologists look for a genetic explanation and wonder how that gene or genes might enhance survival or reproductive success ... Which is the better biological explanation for a belief in God — evolutionary adaptation or neurological accident? Is there something about the cognitive functioning of humans that makes us receptive to belief in a supernatural deity?'"

Space technology consultant David Adair goes on the record about his extraordinary experiences at Area 51 when, as a mere teenager, he was testing one of his electromagnetic fusion engine prototypes.

Can Emotions Haunt Houses? By Matthew Hutson April 18, 2012

EVOLUTION VS. IDEOLOGY Bad Arguments for Intelligent Design By James H. Fetzer

Nobel Prize Winner Weighs in on “Don’t Worry; Be Happy” Nothing is as good or bad as it seems when you're thinking about it. By Dr. Jeremy Sherman April 24, 2012

If our actions are determined by prior events, then do we have a choice about anything-or any responsibility for what we do?

What happens when a racket turns into a religion?

There are many quantifiable scientific indicators proving that the Earth and the Solar System are going through changes which have never previously occurred in recorded human history. ---

Magnetic Therapy Research

Life is like a video game.

Reiki - Real or Ridiculous? By Motti August 28, 2012

Shuman's resonance has been suggested as the external power source of healers. It is said to take place when a person in the alpha state is triggered into resonance with the Earth's geomagnetic field.

The important issue is whether we share ethical and moral values, not whether we are believers or non-believers.

Scalar weapons, EMP, altering the weather.

Science, prognostication and mind-reading.

Some Reasons Why Humanists Reject The Bible

Spiritual Faith By Owen Waters

A Holotropic Mind Within A Holographic Universe

Michael Faraday said aether is the primary energy source from which all energy is derived.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation


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