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Author False I-Dentification

Posts: 37
Location: Casselberry, FL
Joined: 10.01.05
Posted on 08-05-05 17:17
Overblown Narcissism versus the Bliss of Impersonality:

The subconscious notion of 'I Am' is a false
assumption based on a longstanding Conceit.!

The subconscious notion of 'Mine' is a false
assumption based on a deep, deep Craving.!

The subconscious notion of 'This is My Self'
is a false assumption based on a wrong view.!

The mentally constructed idea of an internally existing,
invisible yet unchanging and independent entity of identity,
being in full control and mastering the individual,
is rooted in an inflated sense of self-importance!

This fabricated 'Ego' assuming an imaginary 'Self'
rapidly becomes deeply and tragically in love with itself...
This 'auto romance', even though merely an hypothetical ideation,
nevertheless demands to be gratified, praised and respected without end,
and therefore reacts violently towards any external or internal threats
against it's postulated unique magnificence...

The root of all EGOISM therefore starts right where [censored] when this
conceptual notion of 'I-Me-Mine-Myself-My-Identity-My-Personality' is born...!!!
The effects are well known as being catastrophic both individually [censored] socially,
locally and globally, here [censored] now, later and much later...
They assumed existence of an Ego is therefore the biggest invisible
obstruction and the worst immaterial calamity for any being in any world,
whether divine or human, whether high or low, whether past, present or future...
Basically is 'Self'-belief based on an assumption that either is body,
feelings, perceptions, mental constructions, or consciousness itself an
'embodiment' of an otherwise invisible and unobservable 'Self'.
This 'representational' ego is then exalted to be the center of the universe...
However, this self 'imaging' is merely a manifestation of simple identification with and clinging to internal form, social position, professional occupation,
[censored] socalled personal possessions...
Such is a highly treacherous, dangerous, and tragic mental projection...

The primary self-deception is "I Am...."
Then comes the fermentation "I Am this [censored] or that..."
Finally is added "I Am better or worse than... [censored] equal to..."

The Buddha said:

From everywhere, above as below, set free [censored] all released,
beyond the concept of 'I am this or that', one has crossed
a river never crossed before...
Thus freed, do one not renew any being.
- Inspiration: VII - 1

Blissful is solitude for one who is content,
learned [censored] who see the True hamma.
Blissful is harmlessness towards all beings without exception.
Blissful is freedom from any sensual urge whatsoever.
Yet, the supreme bliss, is the elimination of the abysmal conceit "
I am"!'

- Inspiration: II - 1

Friendship is the Greatest !
and the entire Noble Life...

Credit: Bhikkhu Samahita, Sri Lanka.


Edited by steve on 08-05-05 17:18


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      Monday, September 27th, 2021  

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