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Author On God

Posts: 37
Location: Casselberry, FL
Joined: 10.01.05
Posted on 21-01-06 21:01
When people who believe in the existence of a kind, all-knowing, and all-powerful god are asked why such a god permits so much cruelty, torture, murder, and war on Earth, the usual answer is that god did not wish to create men and women who were automatons, that s/he wanted human beings to have free will. In exercise of that free will, believers argue, human beings often choose to be violent, cruel, and warlike. God could not prevent this, they say, without making human beings into automatons.

Not so. An all-knowing god would have known in advance that, if s/he created people like Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, or Jack the Ripper, these people would personally, or by inciting others, inflict injustice, violence, torture and death upon other human beings. To prevent this, god need only have refrained from creating these evil individuals. God had the power to do that without in any way preventing other human beings from exercising their free will.

You and I do not feel that we have been made into automatons because our federal and state governments forbid us to murder, rape, or maim other people, or steal or destroy their property. On the contrary, we still have plenty of leeway for exercise of our free will. Similarly, human beings would not have been turned into automatons if the alleged god had placed the same kind of reasonable limits upon their exercise of free will.

Consider also the terrible suffering which is inflicted upon human beings by hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, and drought. These painful calamities are obviously not caused by our exercise of free will. Yet, the alleged kind, all-knowing, and all-powerful god permits them to occur. This is an additional reason why the asserted need to give human beings free will cannot serve as an excuse for the pain and suffering endured by millions of people in this unhappy world.

Sometimes the people killed or maimed by an accident or natural disaster turn out to have been criminals. When this happens, believers happily proclaim that their misfortune was arranged by god as a punishment -- even though millions of other evil-doers escape such godly retribution.

On the other hand, if some of the victims turn out to have been persons of admirable character, believers then assert that they died because they were SO good that god desired their company up in Heaven!

By this mental legerdemain, believers can cling to their precarious faith. But people with common sense are not impressed.
Author RE: On God

Posts: 37
Location: Casselberry, FL
Joined: 10.01.05
Posted on 21-01-06 21:02
The God Movie

In this provocative, critically acclaimed documentary, you will discover:

The early founders of Christianity seem wholly unaware of the idea of a human Jesus

The Jesus of the Gospels bears a striking resemblance to other ancient heroes and the figureheads of pagan savior cults

Contemporary Christians are largely ignorant of the origins of their religion

Fundamentalism is as strong today as it ever has been, with an alarming 44% of Americans believing Jesus will return to earth in their lifetimes

And God simply isn't there
Author RE: On God

Posts: 37
Location: Casselberry, FL
Joined: 10.01.05
Posted on 21-01-06 21:11
* "Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?" - Epicurus

* Most intelligent and well-read people who have open minds do not believe. Of course, you shouldn't believe or not believe something just because someone famous does, but if so many people of intelligence and character don't believe, shouldn't that be something worth examining?

* A 1998 study of members of the National Academy of Sciences found that 72.2% of members did not believe in a deity of any sort and only 7% did believe in a diety.

* More than 200 scientists "named Steve" issued a statement backing evolution instruction in public schools, the latest response to state science standards that allow criticism of Darwinism. The statement, issued in Denver at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), lists people named Steve to illustrate the large number of evolution backers and to honor Harvard evolutionist Stephen Jay Gould, who died last year of cancer. "Evolution is a vital, well-supported, unifying principle of the biological sciences," the statement says. The statement aims to discredit the Intelligent Design movement, which is critical of Darwinism. "It is scientifically inappropriate and pedagogically irresponsible for creationist pseudoscience, including but not limited to 'intelligent design,' to be introduced into the science curricula," the statement says. (WT, 2.17.03)

The Bible:

o The Bible is considered to be the inspired word of God by all Christian religions.

o The Bible contradicts itself.

o The God of the Bible is a cruel tyrant.

o The Bible is pro-slavery.

o The Bible is anti-woman.

o The Bible is inconsistent with recorded history.

o The Bible is inconsistent with science.

o Jesus Christ is a fictional character.

* Most religious people are hypocritical and don't practice what they preach.

* Religion has been used to support, justify and protect almost every violent or repressive movement in history. Millions of people have died in wars, crusades, inquisitions, witch hunts and other murderous acts attributable to religion.

* If god loves everyone and is a forgiving god, how could he send some people to hell for eternity.

* If in heaven all your wishes come true, how could you remain there if some of your relatives are in hell? In fact, how could it be true that your wishes come true in heaven if anybody you've ever known and liked ends up in hell?

* Religious people repress sex and sexuality, particularly any sexuality that is different than their own. This makes life less enjoyable. It also increases stress levels in those who feel they must obey the religious rules. This repression of natural, normal sexual urges leads to violence, hatred and many other social ills.

* Religious people repress art that doesn't agree with their ends and ideas about art.

* Religious people want to control how you live your life. Based on the word of their "God," many religious people try to pass laws that limit your personal freedom.

* Religious people think they're "better" than non-religious people.

* Religion teaches people to have low self-esteem: you can't do anything without god and anything you accomplish, you didn't actually accomplish, god did it.

* Religion teaches people to abdicate responsibility for their actions and lives. If you do anything bad, god willed you to do it. If anything bad happens in your life, you shouldn't attempt to change it or make things better, it's god's will that bad things happen to you.

* Some religions inspire immorality, crime and violence. You can do anything you want to during your lifetime, as long as you are "saved" or turn to god right before you die, you will receive the same rewards in heaven as those who lived perfect lives. In fact, a mass murderer who kills 75 innocent children and then accepts Jesus as his personal savior will go to heaven while an atheist social worker for lepers in Calcutta who gave all his money to various charities and never comitted a sin will go to hell.

* Religion is in direct contrast to science, refuting proven scientific claims. Science relies on logic, reason and proof - religion relies on illogic, faith and the absence of proof.

* There is no evidence to support a god or gods.
Author RE: On God

Posts: 37
Location: Casselberry, FL
Joined: 10.01.05
Posted on 23-01-06 18:11
If God...
by Styx Mundstock

...says it's OK to drop bombs on little children, I'm an atheist.

...slaughtered all those innocent Egyptian children on Passover, I'm an atheist.

...says it's OK to punish and kill and revenge, I'm an atheist. like most people who go to church, I'm an atheist.

...has a big white beard and no tits, I'm an atheist. made in your image, I'm an atheist.

...even has a nose like yours, I'm an atheist.

...had his only son suffer and take the blame for his own ideas, I'm an atheist.

...brought me up in a Christian family where they kill little things and shoot birds just for fun, I'm an atheist. the Washington Free Press and believed what it says, I'd probably not be an atheist.
Author RE: On God

Posts: 37
Location: Casselberry, FL
Joined: 10.01.05
Posted on 20-02-06 19:25
You are the sum total of all your unprovable, subjective thoughts.

God is possibility and faith in God comes only from the faith in an unprovable possibility of existance.

You are the product of a limiting of possibilites. All subsequent possibilities are eliminated until there is only one logical possibility left. . .and that one logical possibility is you.

That is what makes you unique.

At no other time will all possibilitiesof existance be narrowed down to the same possibility that is who you are. It is a one to infinity shot, and there you sit.

All of these individual improbable possibilities together make up the collective possibility of God.

So God becomes what God is. . .

A subjective possibility of all things.



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