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Egypt Cards
Egypt Cards is a divination deck of 56 cards, created after seven years of research by “the scribe,” a university librarian who did ten years experimental readings with hundreds of clients. For connecting with your own higher self through meditation and readings, or for helping others. The companion book is 147 pages with full meanings for each suit and each card, and a chapter of layouts with meanings. Previously self-published in 1999 under the title, “Natur Djed: The Words of God.”

The card deck comes in a clear hard plastic case that is see-through, and will last for a long time. Each deck also includes an instruction sheet with all the cards listed with a key phrase for their meaning, and three basic layouts. The cards are 2.5 x 3.5” which is a standard poker size. They are made of card stock with a white core, to prevent light showing through and to make them more flexible. Because of their size, the deck can fit easily into a shirt pocket or purse. The cards are coated with plastic to make them stand up to years of use, like the playing cards used in casinos.

The symbols on each card are thoroughly researched for their Ancient Egyptian origins. Each card has either a diety or a hieroglyph. The dieties have a symbol that represents them, usually on their heads. At the bottom of the card is the name in Ancient Egyptian, which will differ from the usual names given to us by the Greeks. Thus, Thoth will appear as Djehuti. Since a name carries the vibration of it's owner, the scribe felt it best to approximate as closely as possible how that name would have been spoken by the Ancient Egyptians.

While many divination decks feature the fabulous artwork of fine artists, this deck focuses on the sacred hieroglyphs. Most Egyptian hieroglyphs are pictographic and one look will tell the reader what is being portrayed. The book describing each card goes into more depth of the myth and history behind each symbol and diety. The overall theme of the card deck makes the reader like Indiana Jones who has found some treasured artifacts which he puts together like a jigsaw puzzle to read the inscription.

About the scribe: Constance has been intrigued with Ancient Egypt since age 3 when her father would show her picture books of mysterious treasures found there. She went to Egypt in 1961 at age 11 to travel the Nile, see the Cairo Museum, and visit the Great Pyramid, King Tut's tomb, and Hatshepsut's temple. As a college student, Constance studied at the Sorbonne in Paris and visited the Musee du Louvre many times to explore their collection. In 1985, Constance purchased a Cartouche deck and began doing readings for herself and friends. This activated her spiritual path, which was to look into the ancient mysteries of many native people, but her favorite has always been Egypt. Once the internet became public, Constance joined email discussion groups in 1995 which center on the language and hieroglyphs. Receiving training in past life regression from APRT (now IARRT) at the ARE (Edgar Cayce institute) and other learning centers, Constance found many personal past life connections to Egypt. With this deck and book, she presents a system whereby a person can find out their own past life connections or do this for others using a sacred language that has been in use for thousands of years.

Contact Information:
Constance Trillich
facebook: EgyptCards
twitter: EgyptCards
Posted by steve on April 02 2012 - 18:43:28 0 Comments · 3751 Reads Print


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